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Production Audio for a New Wave of Creatives

Dot Wav Audio is a production sound services company. We specialize in location sound services for a variety of productions and live events. We are a team dedicated to the craft of on-location recording of sound for picture, and we are well adapted to the challenges that every production faces. You can rely on Dot Wav to approach your project with respect, care, and preparation to help bring your vision alive. Trust Dot Wav Audio to provide crisp and clear sound no matter the situation. 

Image by Alexey Ruban

Commercial and Corporate

Dot Wav Audio is the perfect choice for your commercial sound recording needs. With years of experience, we have built an extensive gear package and skill set to deliver the highest quality sound. Trust us to deliver exceptional results that will impress your clients and captivate your audience, elevating your campaign to the next level. 

Image by Jakob Owens


We have bene working in the narrative world since Dot Wav's inception. We have the unique experience of working together for so many years as a team. When it comes to story, the power of sound cannot be understated. We understand how to deliver crisp and clear dialogue, allowing the performance to shine. Hire Dot Wav for your next feature or short film and you will not have to even think about sound on the day. Let us help to tell your next story!


Documentary and Reality

At Dot Wav Audio, we are no strangers to the documentary and reality filmmaking world. Whether it be recording in the depths of cave systems, on boats in the open ocean, hiking through the mountains, or run and gun style in the streets, Dot Wav can deliver again and again. We have the tools to handle large cast ensembles on the fly, and the skills to stay steady under the pressure to get the soundbite the first time. 

Meet the Team

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